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During the action of the prolonged warranty service Plans you can save up to hundreds Litas. We offer a very attractive Plan which will help to protect you from expensive repairs. Plans of the prolonged warranty service cover all expenses for repair of your technics, including payment for details and working costs of masters.

We remind you that extended warranty service is available not only at the time of purchase, but also within fourteen days of receipt of the purchase receipt.

Extended Warranty Plan

Free-of-charge repair of technics after the termination of term of a factory guarantee

Terms of the prolonged warranty service for 1,2,3 years

Free-of-charge replacement of technics if:

  • the product was repaired more than 3 times and demands repeated repair
  • If it is impossible to repair a product

Free-of-charge repair of large home appliances at your home

Free-of-charge telephone line for registration of breakages

Additional information

We will eliminate all breakages if the product has been used according to the instruction. The plan of the prolonged warranty service covers all charges on repair necessary for repairing or replacement of your product.

Extended warranty Plan do not covers any expenses under the following circumstances: Inconformity of serial number, absence of serial number, wrong connection of the components, not certificated repairs or updating, wrong connection of an electricity, falling of a product, damage of the case, abusing, misuse.

You can terminate your contract having warned about it SKC administrator or having returned during 30 days the contract to the seller. The contract cannot be terminated after 30 days from the date of his sale.

You can transfer the right to your contract to the third party. SKC administrator should be informed about this transfer in 10 days after transferring.

List of brands, for which you can buy a Extended warranty Plan.